Explore the mysterious with the paranormal writing from Joe Teeples in Des Moines, Washington. Joe has been investigating the paranormal since 1969 worldwide using the scientific method. He is a former officer of one of Seattle's most professional and largest ghost-hunting organizations.

Books by Joe Teeples

Joe has written numerous books on ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, including Ghostology 101, a how-to book on starting a ghost-hunting club, how to conduct an investigation, and equipment. He also wrote Pacific Northwest Haunts, a field guide of haunted locations in the area.

Joe has also authored novels, including Vampires! A Maxwell Jackson Adventure. This will be a series of 10 books, a tale of a ghost hunter drafted by the Seattle Police Department to assist in the solving of serial killings that may be the work of Seattle's vampire underground. Alexandra's Fairy Adventure is a heartwarming novel for young readers describing the adventures a little girl has with fairies and dragons.

Public Speaking

Joe's research includes near-death and out-of-body experiences, ghosts, the search for life after death, haunted artifacts, and communicating with spirits, as well as paranormal activity such as Bigfoot, UFOs, time travel, witchcraft, werewolves, vampires, and zombies. Joe speaks on these topics for radio programs, panels, and ghost-hunting and paranormal conventions.

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